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Further south, in the picture-perfect town of Lindos, capped by an ancient Acropolis, sugar-cube houses spill down to a turquoise bay. While both Lindos and Rhodes Old Town get very crowded in summer, Rhodes is large enough to allow plenty of room to breathe that pure Aegean air.
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Its famous schools of philosophy, science, literature and rhetoric shared masters with Alexandria: the Athenian rhetorician Aeschines, who formed a school at Rhodes; Apollonius of Rhodes; 30 the observations and works of the astronomers Hipparchus and Geminus, the rhetorician Dionysius Thrax.
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In between the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea and the harmony of nature, in between the luxury of the future and the nobility of the past, the Hotel La Marquise was created, one of the largest hotel complexes of Rhodes.
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09 Feb 2015, 1200am: Greek island-hopping holiday to Rhodes, Chios and Chalki. Experience Rhodes with the Telegraph. T elegraph Travel's' best hotels, tours and holidays in Rhodes, tried, tested and recommended by our Rhodes experts. View all tried, tested and recommended hotels in Rhodes.
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Get ready to create some amazing memories in Rhodes! Stroll around the historical Rhodes town, visit the medieval monuments of Rhodes Old Town, discover imposing castles, eat at excellent restaurants and swim at the amazing Rhodes beaches. Thanks to its size, Rhodes always offers something new to discover!
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Rhodes, Modern Greek Ródos, also spelled Ródhos, major city of the island of Rhodes Modern Greek: Ródos, South Aegean Nótio Aigaío periféreia region, southeastern Greece. The largest urban centre on the island, Rhodes sits on its northeasternmost tip. In Classical history, Rhodes was a maritime power and the site of the Colossus of Rhodes.

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