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in Wiktionary.
in in Martalar, Umberto Martello; Bellotto, Alfonso 1974 Dizionario della lingua Cimbra dei Sette Communi vicentini, 1st edition, Roana, Italy: Instituto di Cultura Cimbra A. in in Patuzzi, Umberto, ed, 2013 Ünsarne Börtar Our Words, Luserna, Italy: Comitato unitario delle isole linguistiche storiche germaniche in Italia / Einheitskomitee der historischen deutschen Sprachinseln in Italien.
In Wikipedia.
Not to be confused with ln with first letter L, the notation of the natural logarithm. Look up IN, In, in, or in in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. IN, In or in may refer to.: 2 Businesses and organizations. 3 Science and technology. 4 Other uses. 5 See also. India country code IN. Indiana, United States postal code IN. Ingolstadt, Germany license plate code IN. Businesses and organizations edit. Independent Network, a UK-based political association. Indiana Northeastern Railroad Association of American Railroads reporting mark. Indian Navy, a part of the India military. Infantry, the branch of a military force that fights on foot. MAT Macedonian Airlines IATA designator IN. Science and technology edit. in, the internet top-level domain of India. Inch in, a unit of length.
In Definition of In by Merriam-Webster.
Adjective the in thing to do the in place to go It's' what the in crowd is wearing this season. Noun When you're' trying to get started in show business, it helps to have an in. They must have an in with the boss.

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